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Hopefully we all get a cosy, family-gathering and white Christmas this year. Perhaps not everywhere as white as in Korvatunturi Fell, but cosy doesn't necessarily means snow. We have made a small yet interesting collection for you containing not only perfect gifts for your loved ones, but most importantly a great pick to get you into a Christmas mood. Christmas without a decent dinner, simply doesn't count. Whatever your craving, there should be plenty of it at the Christmas table. And whether it is roast pork with crackling, fried carp and potato salad, hamborgarhryggur, gourmet or a simple pečenka. Every country has its own tradition. But they all have one thing in common. All these dishes need to be consumed with (at least) a fork and a knife.

A group of artisanal knifemakers from Thiers, France decided to start up a brand of hand-made knives. They had been making the famous Laguiole knives for decades, but due to fierce competition from the Far-East they focused on what came natural to them..making high quality knives under a registered brand (Laguiole had never been registered so can be copied everywhere and by everyone). A set of steak knives to slice that juicy piece of duck, lamb or carp, or opening a lovely Chateau Villemaurine 2010 - Grand Cru Classé Saint Emilion with an olive wood handle wineopener. Check out these artisanal Le Thiers knives.

Bois de Violette

As our families are spread out all over Europe from Amsterdam to Madrid to Stockholm and back to Belgium, travelling is something we try to do with a certain flair and system. Packing for the kids and ourselves with limited handluggage on low-budget flights at the back of our minds, starts with a decent bag. Christoph Hack brings authentic Swiss army canvas and leather back to life in his own creations of bags of all sorts.

Bag it!

And finally my absolute favourite! Some things bring me right back to my childhood. Especially those linked to festive moments. The Nutcracker is one of them. The magic might fade a little after a certain age but everytime I take a glimpse at one of those adorable statues, Father Christmas pulls me right back in!

Marching down from the Ore Mountains


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