New York

Food & Drink Heaven

In 1642, when a small, scraggly hook of land east of Manhattan was awarded to a reform minister, or dominee, in Dutch, it became known to its first European settlers as Dominies Hoek. While in Queens do drop by at this joint with great views in Long Island City. And while you are at it and if you are planning to visit the Big Apple shortly, take notes of some of the great finds in Food & Drink Heaven.

Brooklyn Bridge

No long story this time about the erection of great architecture or a history of the 5 burroughs in every detail possible. This time just a list of lovely temples of food and drinks. However spread all over the city, they are all worth the cab fare.

- PRUNE on 54 East 1st Street. Unpretentious American home cooking. Golden Tip: weekend brunch

- SAKE BAR HAGI on 152 West 49th Street. Typical Japanese bar with some great dishes and ice-cold mugs of Sapporo. Golden Tip: Visit when a good game is on TV

- EMPIRE DINER on 210 Tenth Avenue. An icon in the City was taken over by Chef Amanda Freitag. Golden Tip: Lox and burrata

John Baeder?

- FUNG TU on 22 Orchard Street. The egg roll is the work of a young chef named Jonathan Wu, who did time at Per Se, Thomas Kellers three-star restaurant. Golden Tip: Naked soybean-curd dumplings with celery-mushroom broth

- SAUL on 200 Eastern Parkway. While in the Brooklyn Museum..Golden Tip: Baked Alaska

- AITA on 132 Green Avenue. The ultimate neighborhood restaurant! Golden Tip: Cocktail Americano 


- CONTRA on 138 Orchard Street. The outside is a blank canvas except for the small menu posted by the door, offering five courses. Chef von Hauske worked at Fäviken in Sweden! Golden Tip: Monkfish

- ONE IF BY LAND, TWO IF BY SEA on 17 Barrow Street. Situated in an old carriage house it gets a landslide vote for New York's most romantic dining experience. Golden Tip: Beef Wellington

And last but definitely not least..

- GRAND BANKS on Pier 25, Hudson River Park at North Moore Street. The raw bar features a selection of East and West Coast oysters. Golden Tip: menu changes daily so have a great one. 


Bon Appétit