Without an Iron

Tips for the New Year! It happened to me on many occasions, in many circumstances and in some countries already. While unpacking you find your shirts, perfectly ironed when you had put them in, now completely and utterly wrinkled beyond recognition...and there is no iron in sight. Nightmare? Well, here are some DIY MacGyver tips to save face and grace.

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The Berlin Wall

a monument of pain

On november 9th, during one of those infamous boring press conferences of the GDR, Günther Schabowski was asked a simple question. After announcing that the East-German people were allowed to cross the border with proper permission, one of the reporters asked when the regulations would come into effect. Schabowski looked a bit sheepishly at that little note and said the infamous words: sofort, unverzüglich. Meaning: now, immediately.

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The Smashing Pumpkin

Jack o'Lantern!

Not long now and thousands of pumpkins will get stabbed and carved up rather nicely during All Hallows Evening. On October 31, both residential and shopping areas will transform into scary amusement parks, cotton wool ghouls appear on door knobs and the neighborhood kids run around Trickin & Treatn.

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