Abram Games

Maximum Meaning, Minimum Means

Born in Whitechapel, London in 1914, the son of a Latvian photographer and Russian seamstress first saw light as Abram Gamse (later changed to Games). Already from an early age, Abram was passionate about the progressive potential of design. These days while graphic design is, again, having a mainstream moment, I feel it is time to look back and think of the granddaddy of graphic design, Mr. Abram Games.

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New York

Food & Drink Heaven

In 1642, when a small, scraggly hook of land east of Manhattan was awarded to a reform minister, or dominee, in Dutch, it became known to its first European settlers as Dominies Hoek. While in Queens do drop by at this joint with great views in Long Island City. And while you are at it and if you are planning to visit the Big Apple shortly, take notes of some of the great finds in Food & Drink Heaven.

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