..and its Uprisings

I just got back from a short trip to Poland. For the second time. Two years ago I had my first encounter with the country and was amazed by its unprotected beauty while being catapulted back into the early 20th century. But, just like that time, last week my main reason was the country's history. The history that brought out the worst, but on some occasions also the best out of people: the Uprisings. Two events we not only need to know about, but need to try everything within our power never to forget..especially in these days of Eastern European turbulence.

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the Hammock

thank you Mr. Columbus

My mind goes out to the summer. And has been for several months now. While looking out into a curtain of drizzle, the hammock enters my mind. A piece of cloth strapped between two trees on a desert island. A coconut with straw in one hand and Daniel Defoe in the other. Rolling waves enter the beachline and take with them an abundance of sea fruit and cool breeze...

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Gunter Sachs

Ein Lebenskünstler

I do not think there is a word in English nor Dutch to describe the German word: Lebenskünstler. Too bad, i might add, because it says everything about the person who is subject to it. Although experiencing a lot of heartache in his lifetime, he did show the world how it is being done. Not only inheriting a company, but then making it even more profitable, buying some artwork in the eighties that turns out to be your best investment ever or starting a succesful photographing and filming career. It all happened to Gunter Sachs.

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