C'est tout

The true heroes of Jazz have long been gone. The last survivors are taking it very easy. Toots' harmonica was laid to rest last month. We are left with their enormous legacy of greatness. The stories of their struggles to make it big in a world where there was no place for them. But the cities that embraced their baldness and clear views towards the future, still owe a great deal to them. Like Chicago mostly had its Blues joints and still draws a great deal of public to them, New York was named the Jazz capital. But it was not New York making Jazz, it was Jazz that made New York..

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What can I say..?

With all the hassle and Russian powerplay we are confronted with these days, I feel it is time to dig a bit deeper into its history, culture and legacy. I do feel that we owe a country that brought us Dostoyevsky, Rasputin, Tolstoy, Gagarin, Anastasia, Nureyev and yes even Sharapova more than just putting them on the heap of Communist country rags. I will not settle with the prejudice that Made in Russia or Made in China, for that matter, automatically means lesser products.

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