Ekstur Lecture is our creative outlet in copy, where we show that intriguing stories, inspiring themes and lovely images, music and people form a substantial base in our search for products! As our search always starts with something we read or hear about, we try to cover a wide variety of topics on here about life as we know and like it.

From the coolest citytrips to the history of the world, from our inspirations to need-to-know facts of life and even some culinary delights on occasion, we will always place great emphasis on the story behind the product. As we have always been very keen on the good and nice things in life, we started our web shop www.eksturstore.com. We travelled the world and the internet to serve you great design, quality, heritage and craftsmanship. When we would love to have it in our home, let our kids play with it or present it as a gift to friends and family, we feel that we can share it with you too.

Words, between the lines..

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The Eksturs